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Help me to get started

2013-12-12 11:30:03 by rebic526


I'm rebic526,a young teenager with great plans for video game making.

This is my first post and i wanna say that i would like to learn basic things about flash creation.(propaply starting with sprites)

So if anybody wants to help me,pm me

I can also give you some of my ideas.


Thank you for your attension :)


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2013-12-12 11:34:17

Would like to, but we use 3D models... never used sprites :D

Good luck anyway!

(Updated ) rebic526 responds:

is there a reason for not using sprites?


2013-12-12 12:53:00

Oh, well, I don't know... sprites have been used from 1983 to 1996 in commercial games, then replaced by 3D models... but most flash/indie devs still uses them... we just choose to use directly 3D models...

(Updated ) rebic526 responds:

i will go to 3d of course...but i need to start little by little.


2013-12-13 12:25:04

Perfectly reasonable, but in that case I'll suggest you to start applying to 3D modeling as soon as possible...

here's a sample of what you'll have to do to animate a sprite

while here's a 3D animation

rebic526 responds:

thanks and good luck with your own stuf


2015-04-26 13:09:22


rebic526 responds:

ur point.....?